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intxis—a user-oriented turnkey signaling solution for intercity railway

intxis, developed based on ctcs-2 high-speed railway, is the first signaling system in the world that applies automatic driving technology to high-speed railways.

the system, jointly developed by casco and alstom, adopts c2 ato mode. its core subsystem evc ctcs-2 automatic train protection (atp) system is developed by casco on the basis of alstom’s mature evc platform. the whole system integrates a full range of railway products like fzk-ctc, ilock, lkd2-ka and tsrs-ka that are fully self-developed by casco with mature operation experience, and is adaptable to the operation requirements of china intercity railways.

system advantages

we provide a complete and integrated turkey signaling solution for intercity railway with excellent system performance and system integration experience, through the combination of proprietary technology and professional service.

  • advanced operation functions

    automatic driving, automatic door opening and closing, and automatic turnback

  • higher stopping accuracy

    the probability of train stop accuracy within ±0.35m is 99.99%

  • precise running time control between stations

    automatic time adjustment in inter-station running

  • capable to be upgraded to cbtc system

    the deceleration change rate is no more than 0.75㎨

  • comfort for passengers in high-speed running

    interconnected with ctcs system of passenger dedicated line

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let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.

let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.




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